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What Is Eyelid Surgery? Do You Need It?

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Eyelid surgery, known medically as blepharoplasty, is a procedure to remove excess skin, muscle or fat from the eyelids. It can be divided into two segments, upper and lower blepharoplasty and in some cases you might need only skin removed but not muscle, or you might need the procedure done on both upper and lower eyelids. Why is eyelid surgery performed? One of the major reasons why some people consider eyelid surgery is for drooping eyelids, which are caused by excess skin and fat at the upper eyelid. This causes a heavy-looking eyelid along with aged appearance and puffiness which may sometimes obstruct vision. Besides surgery to improve vision, sometimes it is just performed solely to improve your appearance caused by the aging process or a hereditary condition that runs in the family. Upper eyelid surgery  double eyelid surgery 2 Before                                                              After This surgery is mainly done to remove and tighten excess eyelid skin or to improve vision by providing a less obstructed point of view. Double eyelid surgery, which is very popular in Asia is sometimes termed as Asian eyelid surgery, and often performed to create an upper eyelid crease (also fondly known as a western eyelid). Lower eyelid surgery eyebag 1   eyebag 2 Before                                                       After This surgery is performed to reduce wrinkles, to improve the shape of the lower eyelid by removing excess skin and fat. It is sometimes needed to tighten the eyelid to correct droopiness or sagging. When do you need eyelid surgery? To confirm that you are a candidate for blepharoplasty, you should schedule an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon to evaluate for any medical problems related to your eyelids. Even if you don’t have any medical reasons for a blepharoplasty, you should discuss with your surgeon to address any concerns or interests that you might have regarding cosmetic eyelid surgery. After discussions with your cosmetic surgeon, you would be able to get a comprehensive evaluation of the eyelid surgery procedure from beginning to end. Eyelid surgery for cosmetic purpose If you are interested in eyelid surgery strictly for cosmetic reasons then your cosmetic surgeon would likely advise you to keep a realistic expectation. While you would be able to improve your appearance dramatically with cosmetic procedures, it is not the fountain of youth. Your improved appearance due to an eye lift will not last permanently, as with any other cosmetic procedures it will have to battle with Mother Nature. Due to the ageing process at some point in the future you might need to repeat the cosmetic procedure. Depending on your health and other factors, an eyelid surgery could last as long as ten years or more. If you have any questions or issues regarding blepharoplasty, Beverly Wilshire has the expertise and experience for a highly engaging consultation to enable you to decide better.

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