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Popular Korean Celebrity – Jun Ji Hyun, Did She Have Cosmetic Surgery?

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October 20, 2015
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Made popular by celebrities, Korean cosmetic surgery is well-renowned around the world for crafting out so many beautiful icons that it has fascinated many would-be candidates wanting to revamp their looks with the procedures undergone by these celebs. With an influx of curious suspicions and responses lambasted among fans, media and the public with their own opinions about these celebs’ cosmetic surgery that’s either admitted or denied; these news fodders often lend or boost these star’s popularity within the competitive Korean entertainment industry. With her latest popular action crime movie “Assassination”, South Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun, fondly known as Gianna Jun; has appeared in many K-Dramas and is best known for her role in “My Sassy Girl” which was rated one of highest grossing comedy K-Drama of all times. Married three years ago to Choi Jun Hyuk, son of fashion designer Lee Jung Woo, Gianna Jun aspired to be a flight attendant but ever since she was discovered on the street by a fashion editor, she began her career in modelling before joining TV screen production. Being in constant limelight, Gianna Jun has been under scrutiny for her attractive and gorgeous looks that some news had reported that she had cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks. This juicy bit became hot thread in some forums, fuelling sparks amongst fans that defended her procedures while some disagreed and others were kept wondering about it. Let’s check out what her fans has been discussing. Double eyelid surgery It’s been debated whether she had one of the most favourite cosmetic surgery procedure in Korea, the double eyelid surgery. This procedure has been undergone by most Korean celebrities. In Gianna’s case, if you compare her then and now look, you will notice that she has more accentuated eyelids which look a little bit bigger than before. She also has longer eyes and all this could be the result from a double eyelid surgery but most people speculated that it could be a makeup effect. Rhinoplasty surgery Another speculation was her nose. Many concluded she had a nose job besides a double eyelid surgery. If you compared her then and now pictures, she has a slimmer nose with more definition from the nose bridge to the nasal tip with reduced nostril size. Even when many said she didn’t get a nose job, it’s hard to believe otherwise. A fleshy nose cannot be easily influenced by makeup or lighting as some believed. Therefore it’s quite possible that she had Rhinoplasty to enhance her appearance. Popular procedures It wouldn’t be a surprise if she had the combination of cosmetic surgery speculated by the general public as both double eyelid and rhinoplasty surgery is very common and popular that most Korean celebrities go for both. However if you would like to accomplish their looks, make an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre and get a full consultation before attempting to go Korean!

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