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How To Look Good From A Party Hangover

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February 19, 2016
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Having a good time partying till the wee hours of the night doesn’t have to be reflected the morning after, with tell-tale signs that you’ve staggered in after 3am. To rebound spectacularly without letting on that you’ve been chugging down alcohol and dancing on the tables, here’s a cheat list that will help you appear fresh and preppy the next day: Before you drink To reduce alcohol damage in your digestive system, you should consume more food containing protein and fat before you start the alcohol binge. Prior to the party, it’s a good idea to keep hydrating yourself all day with water, preferably mineral water or coconut water (to boost electrolyte content) as alcohol molecules will absorb H2O drastically. This prepares your body for the onslaught when the alcohol hits your fluid system. After you drink If you want less of a hangover, prepare a piece of high fructose fruit (apple, watermelon, grapes) and eat it before you go to bed so that it helps your liver perform better in detoxifying alcohol. It also helps to pop a vitamin B1 supplement and a mega dose of vitamin C. All these will help reduce stress hormones which usually lead to skin inflammation and breakouts that won’t do well for your complexion. Before you sleep We know that being intoxicated with booze we’d like nothing better than to tumble into bed right after walking through the front door. But for the sake of your face, you need to perform this 3-step skincare regimen before you hit the sheets if you want to look fresh and rejuvenated the next morning:

  1. Remove your makeup
  2. Slather on an overnight mask
  3. Apply eye gel/cream

According to research, women generally look older after partying and drinking overnight so it’s really important to stick to these steps to ensure that your dehydrated skin gets a chance to recover while you sleep and your eyes don’t get puffy. Think of it as a mini overnight facial that’ll do wonders for your lacklustre skin when you wake up. After you wake up To give your liver function a boost, drink a cup of orange or beet juice and stay off caffeine for the day. Scrub or exfoliate your body during bath to increase blood circulation which helps to purge remaining alcohol out of your body faster. Before you step outdoors, apply a 100% pure hyaluronic moisturiser to enable your skin to hold on to water, giving you the plump moist skin effect and to glow up your skin, get pretty in pink – apply pink blush to cheeks, dab a little pink shadow over your eyelids and top it off with a moist pink lip gloss. None the wiser Armed with these tips, no one will ever know that you had a big night out or that you rolled in past 3am. Looking presentable next day isn’t a chore anymore and who knows, by sharing these tips with your buddies; all of you can look forward to the holiday season without having to worry about looking scary the next day! However, if you need to restore a youthful appearance due to over indulgence of being the life of parties for years, you can set an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre for a customised makeover to minimise aging and to continue indulging in parties!

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