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Are you a good candidate for a Facelift?

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First, if you smoke, the answer is NO. Smoking can cause the tissue to die and severely affects the healing and scarring… Stop smoking well in advance of your surgery and preferably, don’t get back to the habit. Being in an overall physically healthy condition is very important. If you have sagging skin, excess neck fat, but keep an average weight, some skin elasticity and have a good bone structure, this procedure might be a good solution for you. Be aware of the risks. Surgery is surgery and the usual things can go wrong. Unfavorable scarring, bleeding, infection and fever, facial nerve injuries (normally temporary), facial asymmetry, pain or even deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications are some of the examples of the seldom but possible post operation situations. Other condition extremely important in a facelift is if you have realistic expectations from surgery. Discuss this thoroughly with your doctor and be very honest with your doctor and yourself. Consider that  a revision surgery might be necessary to fine-tune some details and be prepared for that possibility. lso, remember that any surgery has limitations and does not solve all the problems. It might not be able to improve some wrinkled areas and to address conditions like face atrophy, asymmetries, skin deterioration, you might need complementary treatments. Be open to the possibilities and take care of yourself. Its our face and we need to live with it. Read the Facelift Guide by BWMC here Have a question? Ask here

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