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5 Essential Beauty Tips For Women On-The-Go

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December 9, 2015
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There’s no question that when you’re moving about or jetting halfway around the world, women are doubly stressed because trying to look good while you’re on the move can be nerve-wrecking. However, arming yourself with beauty tips and techniques are also powerful weapons that give you the brilliant means to look good quickly or instantly. So that your next trip to the store or family vacation, you’ll be facing it with a smile and confidence that if you happen to run smack into Brad Pitt at a cafe, you don’t have to hide. Here, we give you tips to work with what you’ve got instead of running out to buy new stuff and you don’t even need a beauty degree to pull it off. It’s so easy to look gorgeous while on-the-go. Here are 5 on-the-go beauty tips that we know will add on to your beauty arsenal so that you’ll come out looking fresh and striking, getting from point A to point B: 1. Clear bright eyes The condition of your eyes is the first tell-tale sign of a long trip where under eye shadow and puffiness caused by in-flight movies, non-stop paperback novel reading or temporary insomnia makes you arrive with puffy, watery, red eyes that make people want to avoid you. To remedy that, put crushed ice into small towel and place it under your eyes for a few minutes. After that, lubricate to soothe your eyes with plenty of eye drops. This tip will immediately reverse the condition of your eyes to look moist and fresh. 2. Pick-me-up hair What every girl needs in her travel bag is a dry shampoo because it’s what you need to make unwashed hair look good instantly or to add hair volume for an event after your business meeting. Spray the dry shampoo into your hair roots, flip your hair upside down and run your fingers through it. And you’re ready to party! 3. Perking up a tired face Traveling (whether long or short) usually takes a toll on the skin especially your face, so if you don’t want to turn up looking tired or exhausted, perk it up with a soft shimmer powder or cream by stroking it lightly over your cheeks, nose bridge and lips. Alternatively you could switch to cream blush or lip balm to add a dash of colour and moisture. No matter how tired you feel, once applied, you’ll look fresh and rosy. 4. Red spot alert There’s nothing more alarming than waking up to a prominent red spot appearing on your face when you’re getting ready to face a horde of people. A concealer would always be on the rescue but before you dab it on, it’s better if you put an ice cube over that spot to subside the swelling and lessen the inflammation so that the concealer can be better applied. 5. Forgot to shave your legs? In your haste scurrying about to pack and rushing to get to your destination on time, sometimes you may forget to attend to little things such as shaving your legs. This can cause a dilemma when you realise you just have time to pop on your clothes and makeup to go. Being not in your nature to display your legs in that state, the hassle-free solution: wear a pantyhose or tights and it will disguise your stubbles momentarily till you get a chance to shave. It could also give you the opportunity to explore more fashion options with patterned or coloured pairs! Wanting to feel your best is normal We always want to look and feel our best whatever situation we’re in, especially when we’re out of our comfort zone, in another foreign environment where our stress-o-metre is strung high. With these beauty tips, it can be a real confidence booster when you find yourself in a pickle over the same issues and be able to calmly solve them inexpensively without any complications. Any woman who’s ever stood in front of a mirror can attest to that. However, if you need a makeover to quell your inner quest for personal beauty that you have longed for some time, why not take action now and make an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to satisfy your desire for a better looking you!

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