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How To Care For Your Hair After Transplant Surgery

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Every person that have made a decision to finally undergo a hair transplant procedure can vouch and tell you that the procedure is very simple when you’re in the hands of a skilled professional in a medical centre that have mastered the techniques. We’re sure that before you even took the plunge, you’ve must have made loads of research that tipped the decision scale and you’re finally at the clinic waiting for the transplant procedure. But wait, after all the anticipation build up on deciding, have you fully thought about what you should do after the procedure? After the excitement of the procedure, you’re ready to head on home with the expectation of growing hair but slow down a little and start thinking about steps to ensure the best result possible. Here’s some advice for hair transplant newbies:

  • Post-surgery care instructions

It is always best to ask your clinic a list of post-procedure instructions before your treatment so that you have time to go through and familiarise yourself with the suggested after-surgery care and ask questions if in doubt. That’s because you’d probably be too overwhelmed to process and digest the list if you receive it at the time of the procedure due to the excitement or the sedation you may receive during treatment.

  • Pain relief

Pain relief medication with instructions is always supplied to you by your surgeon but after two or three days, you probably will not need it. However, mild sedatives could be prescribed to you to assist you to sleep better for the first few nights.

  • Sleeping position

For the first three nights, most hair transplant candidates are required to sleep almost sitting up where your head should be elevated on pillows at an angle of about 45 degrees to prevent swelling, a side effect which is most common after hair transplant procedure.

  • Washing

shutterstock_223598587 After hair transplant procedure, it is super important to keep the scalp clean with regular washing after the first day of the procedure. It keeps the hair recipient area free of dirt, blood, oil and scabs that have formed through shampooing gently on a daily basis for about 7-8 days.

  • Hygiene

Immediately after the transplant procedure, you must keep proper hygiene, especially around the recipient area to prevent infection and to promote normal hair shedding of the transplanted grafts to expedite their new growth phase. shutterstock_162416537 To promote healing and decrease itching, it’s better to spray saline solution constantly on the area and absolutely do not scratch but if you must, just tap the area gently with the heel of your palm.

  • What to avoid

Avoid alcohol and abstain from smoking for two weeks after the procedure. Cover your head with a hat if you’re exposed to strong sunlight and do not comb, blow dry, dye or cut your hair for at least a month. Lastly, avoid strenuous exercise for a few weeks.

  • What to expect

shutterstock_243658372 After hair transplant procedure, you should also adapt your lifestyle a little to adjust to your condition, for example, planning and preparing head wear in advance for your public appearances. However, a fortnight after the procedure, you’ll be able to revert to your usual lifestyle, social habits and workout regime. Hair transplant in Kuala Lumpur If you’re contemplating more on hair transplant procedure or need help deciding with more information, make an appointment for a consultation with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, even if you want some advice on your hair loss or other options.

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