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What’s Your 2016 Look?

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Every New Year seems to be a biological indicator for most people to stop and pause and take stock of their lives’ objectives – be it financial, family or personal attainment – and see how they want to improve their current situation for the better. As January 2016 approaches, for many men and women, it heralds the season of getting a new look and many cosmetic surgeons are getting busier than usual when people are beginning to take action to act on their desires to get a revamped look on their face or body for the New Year. Whether it’s invasive or non-invasive, it’s a busy episode of “a new year, a new me”. However, getting “work” done these days is not all about diminishing wrinkles and traditional facelifts. Instead, cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians are not just simply complying with their patients’ wishes but through careful observation of what makes a woman beautiful, they are conveying procedures that should be applied to fully achieve the best result. New studies have shown that what people really find attractive are surprisingly, small things that make the noticeable difference – a difference that makes a woman plain or pretty, presentable or gorgeously beautiful. Here’s what some people are doing to make that small but impressive transition and you might get some tips along the way if you’re thinking of notching yourself up to look better than before: Beautiful cheekbones The supermodel and popular celebrity look is always very much in demand such as Miranda Kerr or Kim Kardashian face’s shape where the angle of their cheekbones relating to the centre of their chin is considered ideal by many beauty experts. To create cheekbones worthy of these icons, natural hyaluronic fillers can be used to achieve the effect which transforms women of all ages to instantly look more feminine and prettier. For example, filler injections such as Juvederm® XC can provide the right curves on the face that could prove to be just as sexy as a curvaceous body. Aging causes the face to lose volume, appearing flat and masculine; so fuller cheekbones gives your face a natural facelift – improving your lower face by raising the skin to create a slimmer jawline while emphasizing a triangular face shape. The curved area helps reflect light, which radiates youth and beauty. The procedure takes less than an hour but the results are astounding, lasting up to a year depending on the treatment area. Feminine forehead Baby face features are also popular emulations as women with wide, high foreheads were found more attractive because child-like features indicate youth and fertility where large round eyes, foreheads, small short noses and chins are viewed as desirable. Celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman have high foreheads, depicting a facial balance of one third forehead, mid-face and lower face. To achieve the look, you need to raise your hairline by undergoing brow lifts (also known as forehead lifts) that helps lift your sagging brows, forehead skin and skin above the nose. It results in giving an illusion of a higher, wider forehead. Alternatively, Botox is recommended for those who prefer a non-invasive method to achieve almost similar effects. Plump sexy lips Women with full lips often indicate high estrogen levels that reflects feminity and fertility which is why Rihanna, Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson’s pout is fronting headlines as sexy. Getting dermal fillers creates long-lasting natural-looking plump lips that enhance the shape of your face without permanently risking an overblown duck pout. A little lip enhancement goes a long way to giving yourself a youthful, sexy, smoldering look. Doll eyes The Japanese aren’t the only ones pursuing big Bambi eyes (evidently exhibited with their world famous anime characters) as most world nations are jumping onto the bandwagon desiring big, bright, unlined skin around the eyes that speaks of youth and vitality. Eyes like Zooey Deschanel, Penelope Cruz and Mila Kunis have captivated many followers trying to imitate their fresh doe-eyed looks by getting fillers and Botox which does the trick quickly; but if you are stuck with tired-looking eyes caused by serious eye bags and drooping eyelids, you’ll get more practical results undergoing eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Increasing your loveliness Done right, all it takes are small changes here and there to make a woman more noticeable and attractive. If you’re taking the opportunity to unveil a new side of yourself for the coming New Year, consult us to get a New Year makeover that celebrates a new you!

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