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Tired Of Looking Worn-Out? Treat Those Under-Eye Bags

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July 20, 2015
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Tired of switching from one concealer to another in a futile attempt to cover those shadowy under-eye bags? Are you often on the receiving end of the phrase “you look tired” and you simply hate being mistaken for the workaholic that you’re secretly not are? Unless you’re a cute panda bear, it’s time to seriously wake up to a set of eyes that lets the world know that you’ve had a great night’s sleep. And how can you achieve this extraordinary result that could last up to a year? From quickie 15-minute fillers to laser treatments and minor blepharoplasty procedure, we’re laying it out for you here so you can get rid of those under-eye bags within your comfort zone. Firstly, check out the severity of your under-eye bag condition then address it with the right treatment to ensure effectiveness. Solutions for your under-eye bags Dermal Fillers An excellent option to treat mild under-eye bags or dark eye circles, this 15-minute procedure is great if you need it done over lunchtime or if the thought of going under the scalpel is not going to cut it for you. Thermage A skin tightening technique using Comfort Pulse Technology, this FDA-approved procedure is one of the current popular ones for those looking to tone, tighten and improve loose skin under the eyes. Blepharoplasty This surgical procedure is considered the most effective in combating stubborn under-eye bags as the surgeon removes excess fat, muscle and tighten sagging skin. It involves a little downtime but the results are long-lasting which should be an encouraging factor for you. Mixing for the best If you want the best result, sometimes you need more than one technique to achieve it. It has been proven that the most effective outcome arise from the combination of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. For example, after Blepharoplasty procedure to remove your eye bags, you could apply Botox to further reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyelid skin. So to attain the most satisfactory results, consult our experienced cosmetologists at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre that can assist in designing the right treatment most suitable for you. After all, your eyes are the windows to your soul but you wouldn’t want them to be the windows to your age!

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