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Getting The Chinese New Year Look – Tips From Mainland China

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It’s nearing the time of the year where Chinese people all over the world celebrate the Lunar New Year that traditionally runs from the eve to the 15th day of the first Chinese calendar month. For most Chinese women who partake in this auspicious celebration, it becomes imperative for them to look even better as they believe that looking glowingly radiant and beautiful signifies favourable fortune that would grace upon them for the entire length of the coming year! Here we take a sleeve out of traditional China and give you the lowdown on what women from the Middle Kingdom has and always deemed beautiful to the Chinese community. Porcelain white skin If you’ve been to China, it’s no surprise seeing shelves and rows of skin whitening serum as you take a trip down their cosmetic aisles. That’s because Chinese women value pale skin as nobility. This originated from the ancient period, where people with dark skin were associated with poverty caused by toiling all day in sunny fields and plantations. On the contrary, the upper class remained indoors or shielded from the sun which correlates with their pale skin and usually the more pale your skin was, it represented a higher level of affluence in society. So if you want flawless white skin, it’s time you went for targeted skincare that helps diminish freckles and sun spots on your skin. From now on, to maintain your porcelain skin, you’d also benefit from sunscreen application every time you are under the sun. Sensual full lips shutterstock_352827779 Before Kylie Jenner’s pouty lips took the Internet by storm, the Chinese had always placed high value on full plump lips which attributes to a woman’s attractiveness – according to “face reading” in Chinese fortune telling. Fuller lips correspond with better fortune as it is thought to bring in abundance of blessings and attributes a personality that’s high-spirited, heartfelt and sensitive. In contrast, women with thin lips are often attributed to be unkind, controlling and calculative – qualities that are frowned upon by Chinese elders. In general, even in the western countries, fuller lips complement a woman’s face as it contributes to a younger look as she ages. If you would like fuller, plump lips to celebrate during the beginning of Chinese New Year, you could go for a filler injection to achieve that effect. Large double-lid eyes shutterstock_277099910 Another favourable Chinese facial feature is large doll-like eyes with double eyelid crease that many Chinese women desire as it makes them look more attractive than those born with hooded eyes without crease (mono eyelids) that makes their eyes appear smaller and unappealing. Another contributing factor to this inclination are the heavy influences derived from Korea and Japan fanning popularity from their cartoons and anime characters sporting glassy doe-eyed look that has gained immense traction in China as well. As half the Chinese population is born with mono eyelids, many women choose to undergo blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to correct their condition. In Chinese culture, having large eyes with double eyelids are believed to exude more femininity, innocence, obedience and devotion – expected traits of women in primeval periods. Getting ready for Chinese New Year So if you’ve always wanted a makeover based on the above and other desired qualities, why not pop into Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre and check out their latest 2016 Chinese New Year Promotion to get a beautiful head start into an auspicious new year!

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