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Feeling Awesome In Bed: Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Today’s liberal women are not afraid of notching up their sex life to gain that ultimate experience in sexual gratification and one of the most popular treatment that is topping the list now in most cosmetic medical centres is “vaginal rejuvenation”; an umbrella term to describe a set of procedures designed to reduce or augment the labia and tighten the vagina. So-called the “final frontier” of cosmetic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation’s popular demand stems from women’s needs to address sex-related issues arising from their female genitalia at all age levels ranging from teenagers to mature ladies that are grappling with depreciating emotion, health and contemporary sentiment. One woman has even shared her experiences of vaginal rejuvenation on U.S. daytime reality television aired on CBS where the 23-year-old trainee nurse (known only as Shannon) desperately wanted to correct her “painfully long labia” which not just caused her daily discomfort but the most sensitive issue of all was that she tried to avoid sex as she felt self-conscious of her “abnormal” genitals and that was the final cause of her breakup with her boyfriend. Shannon described how her low self-esteem played a big hand in straining her relationship as well as impairing her youth experiences when she avoided any activities that required her to wear a swimsuit as she felt consciously different from other girls during her school days. She was glad to have a finger length’s strip removed from her labia. The super-thrilled woman couldn’t be happier with the results of her surgery. She gushed out unmistakably with joy on the show that she was so excited with her new found confidence. While Shannon represents a group of women who chose to rectify their dilemmas caused by enlarged labia, another group of women seek treatment for vaginal prolapses caused by childbirth. For many others, the problem may be more modern-day because women today are just more conscious about their looks and it’s not limited to only viewable areas. Surprisingly most patients coming into surgical clinics for vaginal rejuvenation is teenagers who are fraught with pain, chafing or discomfort caused by enlarged labia; coupled with embarrassment that infringes on their self-worth and relationship development. Having enlarged labia is not a made up problem because it can impact a woman’s hygiene, initiate severe tenderness during sex and inhibit clothes such as skinny jeans, yoga pants or swim wear. So the rise in vaginal rejuvenation requests is not merely a vain one but to address serious consequences that impact a woman’s sex life and it has well proven to be life-changing for some women. No longer feeling pleasure in bed For instance, many women who’ve had children have expressed their inner concerns that they did not feel as attractive as they used to when having sex prior to childbirth. Majority felt that they had flappy or loose vaginas and insecure when pleasuring their partners due to less vagina contraction and loss of elasticity. Besides childbirth, loose vaginas are also naturally caused by menopause and aging. Therefore, treatment such as MonaLisa Touch, a new non-invasive laser therapy based on fractional CO2 laser that reactivates production of new collagen; assists these women to tighten and regain previous vaginal conditions that they had before. Re-igniting sexual intensity Rather than suffer in silence and spurred with the awareness that they now have the options at hand to alter the appearance of their genitals – whether to fulfil their desires in bed or rebuild their feminine confidence – vaginal rejuvenation is appeasing a majority of women today who are empowered with treatment procedures that turns their life around for the better. If you’ve indications that’s been discussed in this article that you think you might need assistance with, you’re welcome to contact Beverly Wilshire’s experienced surgeon to get a comprehensive consultation to see if we can help you overcome your concerns.

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