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Beauty Journey with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

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September 11, 2014
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Sarah Lian, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre’s first ever brand ambassador is honored and humbled to be chosen to represent the renowned award-winning medical hub dedicated to providing cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and healthy aging.

The actress and TV personality lass is looking forward to reaching out and building BWMC’s brand reliability and relevancy with the public and this is the first of a two-part series of her personal insight on cosmetic procedures. Sarah starts off this month relating her first experience immersing herself into the world of beauty:-

I thought I’d start to share a little bit about my beauty journey since most people have been asking me about the treatments I have been doing at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

Here goes:

As an actress and TV personality, I have the privilege of working with professionals within my industry and we are constantly connected with beauty brands or makeup artists that prep your face before stepping out into the public. I’ve always been curious to learn and have definitely picked up a few tricks along the way.

Some tips worked on me and some didn’t, but that’s the thing about beauty. It’s incredibly personal and everyone is different. You can’t have a cookie cutter approach to beauty. You have to listen to your skin and listen to your body and provide the best solution for yourself.

Being in front of the camera amplified everything about me, so little skin problems that I had felt like the biggest hurdles. Diet coupled with stress and leading an unhealthy lifestyle caused my skin to suffer and react horribly. I was so desperate that I tried all sorts of solution; change of diet, medicine intake, herbal remedies and assortment of creams until there was not much more left of anything for me to try!

My skin started improving when I spent a short stint in Canada. I thought, ok, let’s stop the junk food, sleep a little earlier and manage my stress better; slowly these changes started to reflect in my skin. Even though, I found better skin care products, I slowly realized that it goes beyond using them before you sleep and after you wake up. You can’t find band aid solutions for your skin, one product isn’t going to fix it. Even though I have managed my acne now, it left me with pock marks on my skin.

In mid-March, it was announced that I would be Beverly Wilshire’s first brand ambassador. A role that would help dispel myths about the industry and also share and speak about some of the latest technology and advancements in cosmetic treatments. Not only was I humbled by this, but I was also extremely excited! OH-MY-GGGG all my little imperfections would or could finally be addressed with BWMC.

For anybody who has never done any treatments aside from facials would be intimidated at first visit to this centre but I couldn’t have made a better choice on this matter. My mind was a whirlwind of questions and concerns.

There were things I wanted to rectify as well as maintain and Beverly Wilshire’s Head of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Liow Tiong Sin was very comprehensive as he explained what procedures I should consider and the different type of invasive treatments offered by the centre.

I was very thorough with my questioning and he was equally thorough with his answers. Dr. Liow is very knowledgeable and knowing that he attends many seminars to update his information on the latest technology also put me at ease. I was glad to know that I’m working with a doctor that is aware of what the current market has to offer.

During consultation, I felt that it was not a transactional experience but instead a relationship based on privacy and comfort. This is where I felt the importance of the consultation, you are there to seek answers, ask about things that you do not know. There should be no sales pitch feeding on your insecurities, but instead arming you with knowledge to make a clear and definitive decision on your well-being and most importantly, beauty. That is what Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre did for me.

Let you know in the next post what happened after my consultation!

Note: This article can also be viewed at Sarah’s blog

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