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Beauty Journey III with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

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Sarah Lian, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre’s first ever brand ambassador is honored and humbled to be chosen to represent the renowned award-winning medical hub dedicated to providing cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and healthy aging. The actress and TV personality lass is looking forward to reaching out and building BWMC’s brand reliability and relevancy with the public and this is the final of a three-part series of her personal insight on cosmetic procedures. Sarah continues with her journey, relating her first consultation and treatment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre:- Going through my fraxel treatments (you can read about my journey here and here) have been the icing on the cake as part of my transformational beauty journey takes place. I truly believe beauty is about inner confidence. If you have trust issues in life, fixing your nose or shooting lasers on your skin is not going to make those issues go away.  I don’t think cosmetic enhancements or surgery are an absolute solution to fix problems from the inside. But if you have an understanding that these enhancements are then you can see your own improvement through your appearance as a start. People work out and spend time in the gym to look good, if you have the opportunity to address beauty issues through these cosmetic procedures or enhancements, you too will look good and feel better. When you feel better you shine from the inside, you take ownership of your strengths, your weaknesses, you become more aware of who you are and your confidence breeds beauty.

I would definitely feel confident that BWMC has my best interests at heart. Any patient that they work on is also a testament to their reputation and promise to provide the very best for their clients.

When I was first asked to be BWMC’s Brand Ambassador, I was excited and curious as to what this relationship would entail. After meeting the doctors and the highly trained professionals, I felt that I would be in good hands. I think there is a trend in the market to look for quick and effective solutions for beauty and cosmetic surgery/treatments. It is important to be aware that you are working with professionals that have enough experience in the medical field to understand the repercussions and risks of each procedure.

After trying out a few services they had to offer, I can confidently vouch for my experience and how Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre looks at beauty from a different perspective. They want the inner confidence to shine and these little tweaks and smaller enhancements are a way for you to be beautiful from the inside. I believe that by improving your looks with a little bit of aesthetic tweaking, it will give you new-found confidence that will motivate you to reach for higher goals.

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre offers a peace of mind like no other as I know that for them, it is never about perfection but improvements. With the commitment to improve your outlook through cosmetic enhancements, you must also consider revisiting your lifestyle choices and set your diet right. All of this will prove to be even more effective towards your transformation process.

If you ask me whether you can achieve that through Beverly Wilshire, I can tell you that this would be the perfect place to kick start your dream for a better YOU.

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