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A New Nose With No Surgery

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October 16, 2013
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December 13, 2013

Over the past few years, Rhinoplasty has consistently been one of the top 3 most popular surgeries performed all over the world.  As an “anchor” feature on our face, the nose plays an important role in the aesthetic balance of our physiognomic features and being dissatisfied with the shape or size often results in distress or disgust. Moreover , the difficulty of concealing surgery, the swelling, bruising and overall discomfort of rhinoplasty (which may include difficulties in breathing, sleeping and wearing an uncomfortable protection accessory), may understandably…put you off. If this sounds all too familiar, know that aesthetic medicine provides a fantastic alternative called (Tcha-ram!!) “Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty”! A non-surgical rhinoplasty is, as the name suggests, a medical, non-invasive procedure that uses injectable products (soft tissue fillers, Botox®  or even soft threads) to re-shape your nose, making detailed or more drastic corrections to the bridge of the nose, tip, nostrils and even correcting asymmetries in shape or proportion. The modern versions of this treatment (first experiments date from the 19th century) are based on the use of  soft tissue/dermal fillers  to fill the depresses areas of the nose, correcting lumpy bridges and asymmetries, lower retracted nostrils and giving new expression to the tip, by augmentation, correcting the direction or simply lifting the columella muscle. Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse are typical fillers used for this treatment. In Asian populations, for example, fillers are popular and widely used, to lift the common “flat bridge” and give it more definition and personality. Most recently, Botox® and threads are tend to be used in combination with the filler to maximize results. The Botox injection relax the muscle, which allows shape changes, while simplifying the sculpt work made with the filler.  Botox makes it possible to reduce nose flare or open the septi nasal muscle, while easing the typical “bunny lines” around the nose. Moreover the application of soft threads can narrow the base of the nose (reducing the space between nostrils) or even correct deviations of the bridge. The possibilities are vast and, although these procedures don’t allow any reduction in size of the nose, the truth is these shape corrections provide a better balance between the facial features and can make the nose actually look smaller. Also note that this procedure is widely use to correct defects resulting from previous unsuccessful surgeries. Last but not least, remember that:

  • This is not a permanent solution. Duration of the results will depend directly of the type of products used. While Botox injections tend to have a lasting effect of 3 to 6 months, threads and fillers vary widely with the compounds of the product. In addition, although permanent fillers are available for this procedure, we would suggest at least a first trial with absorbable products before going definite.
  • Although downtime is minimal, post-care is required. Some bruising and swelling are likely to occur but it will be minimal, especially compared to a surgical procedure. After the treatment day-to-day activities can immediately be resumed. Yet, remember that fillers are soft products and need some time to settle the shape. Avoid wearing glasses for some days or sleeping with your face sunk in the pillow.
  • Complications are rare, but may occur. These include hematoma, discomfort or anatomic asymmetry and, in more severe situations, infection or body rejection to the injected substances.
  • Finally, in case you’re unaware, metabolism plays an important role in the absorption of the injectable products used in your treatment. Practice a healthy lifestyle and see your results last longer!

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