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5 Makeup Tips On How To Instantly Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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How do celebrities do it? Walk around like they just had their satisfying hibernation with freshly woken up eyes that radiate dazzling energy? Is it genetically determined that they have big doe eyes? Of course not! We know that they’re privileged with the services of professional makeup artists that spend hours to create that perfect “I woke up like this” look. But what if you could create this too? Here’s how you could mimic their look to bigger eyes! The right combination of eyeshadows shutterstock_275676872 Leave your dull and dark colours behind when you want to go for bigger eyes. For nocturnal activities, you can pull off a smoky-eye effect but for daytime activities, light colours would be better for achieving larger looking eyes. shutterstock_265248884 A nude coloured shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone is always good, just to give some extra dimension to your eyes. Apply this to your upper lid and lightly rim around the bottom area of your eyes. Now apply a darker eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye crease and blend this out to give your eyes extra depth. Keep in mind that dark colours make something fade away and light colours make something stand out, so therefore it is important that the light colour dominates. Most “naked” eyeshadow pallets from your favourite makeup brand are perfect when you are going for this basic look. Getting that poppy eyelashes shutterstock_158845340 First things first – the must-have eyelash curler. This is the secret to creating bigger eyes. If you don’t have time to apply mascara because you lazed on your bed for that extra 5 minutes, your secret weapon of an eyelash curler will pretty much give you the same effect, making your lashes curlier, perking up your eyes in a jiffy. Applying mascara shutterstock_143916961 If and when you do have time for applying mascara, keep it light and don’t overdo it as it can cause your eyes to look heavy and tired instead of fresh and focused. Applying one layer is sufficient as less is definitely more in this matter! Make sure you apply it mainly on the outer corners to create an open look for your eyes. The white eye pencil shutterstock_5806891 As we said before, using bright colours are very important when creating bigger eyes. Therefore, use a white eye pencil beneath your eyebrow and apply a thin strip and blend this out. Next, tip the inside of your eye corners and blend this out too. Lastly, on the upper edge of your eye bottom, above your lashes, apply a thin strip of white eye pencil. You could also substitute this method with a light coloured eyeshadow if you prefer. If the eyeshadow contains a little shimmer, even better, as it will amplify the effect. All this steps will really make your eyes stand out. The black eye pencil shutterstock_174453560 It’s all about the way you are using your utensils when you want to create bigger eyes. Using eyeliner, the results can easily turn out to be very harsh on your eyes and therefore create even smaller eyes. As you don’t want that to happen, try using a black eye pencil or crayon to apply a thin line around the eyes and then smudge it out at the outer corner of your eyes so you don’t see where the line stops. This should accentuate and bring out the almond shape of your eyes. When you have followed all these steps, you are ready to rock your big, doe-like eyes. Limits of makeup However, there is a limit to the power of makeup and what it can do to revamp the size of your eyes. Even professional makeup artists find it challenging to doll up eyes that are droopy, wrinkled or plagued with puffy under-eye bags. In these circumstances, the most viable solution could be cosmetic procedures such as blepharoplasty, brow lift, fillers or Botox. If you think that your eyes need a lift beyond the help of makeup, make an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to get a comprehensive consultation – geared to achieve your best captivating eye look ever!

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