10 Celebrities With Successful Cosmetic Surgery Transformations

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September 29, 2015
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October 20, 2015

We can never get enough of them, the way some celebrities coyly deny their cosmetic surgery procedure, tickling our minds in a limbo, wondering if they’ve done it or not, or how some blatantly admit to having some nip and tuck to revamp their looks; and boy, do we delight in judging their new looks over coffee break gossips! Celebrities are often under pressure to remain looking young and fabulous and getting cosmetic surgery in Tinsel town is probably as common as nipping into a café to get your coffee. But as always, the key to good cosmetic surgery lies on moderation and how well you communicate with your surgeon. Here are ten celebrities that we think make good candidates – having managed to create the “wow” factor with successful cosmetic surgeries that are hard to notice! 1. Britney Spears Spears’ shrunken nose and physique showcased in this year’s issue of Women’s Health magazine were widely speculated that she had cosmetic surgery procedure. When asked, she credited her new looks to her workout routine. She’s a coy one. 2. Rachel Zoe Fashion industry icon, Rachel, is always surrounded by beautiful and glamorous people all the time. As aging signs caught up with her, she’s turned to Botox, fillers, laser resurfacing, eyelid and brow lift; tastefully done so that it’s not prominently noticeable. 3. Nicole Kidman From Botox to lip fillers and breast implants, through hits and misses, Nicole enhanced her natural beauty to make herself look more sexy and alluring. She’s off Botox now but have you checked out her breasts lately? 4. Megan Fox

Way before the Transformers star shot to super stardom, Megan truly transformed herself with rhinoplasty and Botox while Fraxel laser resurfacing paid off big time as her acne scars and freckles have diminished altogether! 5. Sarah Jessica Parker Since Sarah came into the limelight of Hollywood, the 50-year-old award-winning actress has been reported to having numerous cosmetic surgery procedures as through her obvious youthful glow. Many concluded that she had rhinoplasty and cosmetic dentistry. 6. Demi Moore One of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, 52-year-old Demi looks half her age through breast augmentation (for her film role in Striptease), cheeks and lip fillers; and to keep herself glowing and wrinkle-free – Botox and skin treatments like chemical peels and laser resurfacing. 7. Zac Efron Zac Efron noticeably had rhinoplasty as observations on his nose bridge that were stretched out and his nose tip contoured to streamline his face structure, making him look more matured, gorgeous and breaking even more hearts! 8. Kim Kardashian The famous American reality celebrity, fashion designer, model and actress knows how to attract the media and what she needs for publicity. She also knows how to sculpt herself with a good nose job with shorter, firmer and sharper feature. Besides Botox, filler injections and liposuction, she had her hairline lasered to keep it tidy too. 9. Fergie Although she is a strict fitness enthusiast, Fergie, who shot to fame as a member of Black Eyed Peas have relied on her sexy looks to get noticed and being a successful solo artist now, she had several cosmetic interventions to upkeep her look, mainly Botox, lip fillers, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. 10. Jane Fonda This stylish 77-year-old lady who won two Oscars and well-known for her series of fitness videos; Jane was very upfront and relaxed about her approach to cosmetic surgery such as chin, neck and eyes. She admits that cosmetic surgery makes her look years younger! Unnoticeable transformation makes great results! If you’re contemplating cosmetic surgery but unsure of what’s the best procedure that suits you, make an appointment with Beverly Wilshire to consult our skilled surgeons. Our doctors would be happy to answer all of your questions and doubts with clear and honest answers to enable you to make the best transformation decision.  

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