Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

Maintain your vibrancy and vitality even as you age with medical grade stem cell therapy. Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre has a dedicated team of doctors and nurses and the ambience of a five star hotel equipped with the latest monitoring devices so you can feel assured of both safety and comfort. Our treatment includes follow-ups to ensure the best long-term outcome is achieved. Various package available, please enquire within to know your best suited package.

The accumulated free radical damage that you sustain everyday increases over time and your body naturally responds with consequences of premature aging and degenerative diseases. Your body cells are attacked daily, thousands of times by these free radicals which reduce your quality of life that could be inverted with our stem cell therapy packages.

Decades of poor health, nutrition and disease may take its toll on your body in the later years. You may find yourself missing the physical stamina and strength you used to enjoy in your younger days. It also takes a longer time for the body to heal once infected or injured. With stem cell therapy, you can enjoy your golden years in better health and wellness. Enjoy better quality of life with higher energy levels, improved memory, less joint and bone pains and coarse darker hair. Be prepared to look and feel decades younger than you really are!



  • Low immunity or autoimmune conditions
  • Loss of energy, libido and stamina
  • Pain management
  • Breathlessness
  • Healing after surgery or heart failure
  • Poor health conditions


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Comprehensive Package

Physical examination and consultation by a consultant physician and cardiologist. Confidential medical report with treatment recommendations.



Dtect Onco is relevant for individuals with a family history of cancer, and for those who carry increased health risks associated with environmental or behavioural factors.


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