One of the major decisions to make when considering breast augmentation would be the implants you choose. We often hear that teardrop implants create natural-looking breasts while round implants create round breast. This misconception has got to go because more often than not, we would try to understand the implant and the results they’d deliver, but neglecting to gauge what is fit for our body. It is very important to understand what we have, and combining it with the implant that would work best for us, then we would achieve beautiful and enhanced assets.


Round Implants

Most women would want to achieve breast that are full and round and round implants can deliver that.  They are also softer as compared to teardrop implants. Round implants allow your breasts to look fuller in the upper pole, and natural results can be achieved if the size of the implant is well-proportioned for your body and your existing breast tissue. Since round implants have a same shape overall, there would not be a concern of them rotating out of place or a problem with symmetry in the future. However, do keep in mind that gravity will affect the implant and it might take on a teardrop appearance.

Teardrop Implants

This type of implant has a higher degree of fullness in the lower pole than the upper. While being anatomic in shape, it also feels slightly firmer than round implants. If you want results that feel the absolute softest to touch, this may not be the implant for you. Teardrop implants are made with highly cohesive silicone and appear to be more durable with lower rates of rupture. They may maintain better long-term breast shape compared to traditional round silicone implant. Teardrop implants also have a slight risk of rotating, which might cause a rotational deformity.

Due to the material they are made of, they are generally more expensive than round implants. Teardrop implants are often an excellent choice when existing tissue coverage is thin.

Managing Expectations

The most crucial step before every surgery is communicating your expectations to your surgeon. Lay out your ‘ideal’ post-surgery body, talk about your fears, understand what can be achieved, and show your surgeon pictures of what you expect to have. It will allow him to assist you in choosing the right shape and size of implant for you. Book an appointment with our surgeons today to discuss about your concerns and you will be recommended the best choice based on your body type and desired results.




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