There are plenty of aesthetic clinics budding these days and as smart shoppers, information are just a click away, it is safe to say that we weigh the best of everything before purchasing: price, skills, quality, service, convenience, comfort, location and others. When it comes to facial aesthetics, there are some crucial points to take note before deciding on whether or not to undergo a certain procedure:


  • Credibility of the practitioner: their medical practice, or the university/institution where they obtained their certificate.
  • Make sure that you have a consultation appointment prior procedure. This is important to make sure that your expectations are clearly communicated to your practitioner and to understand what expect about the procedure. Voice all your concerns and doubts to your practitioner.
  • Make sure that procedures are done in a sterile environment.

  • Find out what derma filler/ Botox is the medical centre/clinic is using. Ask about the differences between the fillers in the market (eg. How long does it last, substances in the filler, which filler is better suited for your area of treatment)
  • Research, read about the reviews and look at the before and after results from previous patients.

  • Talk to friends or family who has undergone their procedures.

Looking to undergo a treatment? Here at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, we have a team of highly skilled specialists, supported by the industry’s leading technologies and world-class facilities. All the Aesthetic procedures are administered professionally by Aesthetic Medical Practitioners that are licensed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. In fact, many of Beverly Wilshire’s Aesthetic Medical Practitioners are the official master trainers for many global brands.  Make an appointment today and have a chat with our friendly doctors.


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