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Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre is an integrated beauty medical centre that sets the standards in Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine (non-surgical and laser treatments) and Healthy Aging in the region. Licensed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, we offer an extensive menu of cosmetic procedures, aesthetic treatments, and health services to enable you to attain your desired perfection – in beauty, health, and wellness.

With the expertise of a team of highly skilled specialists, supported by the industry’s leading technologies and world-class facilities, you can be assured of professional guidance and customized treatments towards the best desired outcome. Whether you seek the ideal skin, face, body or wellbeing, you need look no further.

  • Centre of Excellence for Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Healthy Aging
  • Backed by registered and board-certified plastic surgeons
  • All cosmetic and aesthetic procedures are administered professionally by licensed doctors
  • Registered with the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) to promote medical tourism

LATEST FROM US: Sarah Lian's Beauty Journey

I did my teeth whitening treatment at Beverly Wilshire Dental with Dr Yoganjali and to my surprise, I saw instant results on my teeth. It looks so clean and white, this definitely put on a more confident smile on me J

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Audrey Ooi

Overall the service at Beverly Wilshire Dental was surely good and for a first timer, I am very impressed.

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Oh my god, the treatment was really amazing. My skin is glowing all the time and it’s really great to have this opportunity at Beverly Wilshire. I don’t need my foundation anymore.

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Phan Hoang Thu

My skin is so much better. It’s much more brighter, fresher than ever before! Thank you for this.

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I feel refreshed, my skin feels soft and clean. It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed it and I would like to do it again!

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